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March 31, 2018admin

I left my Georgia Film Academy class on Friday feeling elated. We had just been assigned our crew positions for Shadows and Suds, and even though I was not chosen to be script supervisor for either of the productions due to logistical issues, I found myself feeling more confident than ever about my future in this field. Something about just being in that environment energizes me and makes me feel at home. In fact, writing about this reminds me of when I was an extra for The 15:17 to Paris, and even though my only job was to drive around in circles for four hours, it was one of the best days of my life.

I’m incredibly excited to be the second assistant director for Suds, and I think working as a lighting technician for Shadows will be good preparation for the lighting and electric course that I plan on taking this summer. While I am fairly well-acquainted with the director of Suds, I am looking forward to strengthening that relationship. In fact, my main goal between now and the end of the semester is to network with the other students in my class. They have already been able to provide me with so many great tips regarding casting companies in the area, and making connections is absolutely vital in the film industry.

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